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For individual Students

On this page you can get a single license you can use yourself.

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Make sure your PC can run Lumion

Lumion requires a PC with a good graphics card.

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Your Lumion student version is totally FREE.

We use Paypal only to verify that you are living in the USA. After logging in to Paypal, we will guide you through the process of downloading Lumion.


"Students have given me feedback that they love Lumion because it is so easy to use.”

TYLER LEMARINEL, Project Architect, Instructor

"Lumion really easily gets your point across and beautiful as well.”


"It is really quick, that's what is really good about it.”


Lumion is fully compatible with

And more!

The student version outputs images with a small watermark

Special Terms and Conditions


Below are specific terms and conditions that apply to free licenses given to individual students in the U.S.

The EULA summarizes the general conditions of license usage and can be found here.


US student Version restrictions


  • Output restricted to 640x360 MP4 and 1280x720 image files.
  • No output of image sequence or other special outputs.
  • Watermark in image and video output.
  • Cannot load or save LS6 files to package or import complete scenes.
  • Only for non-commercial purposes.
  • No panoramas (VR, MyLumion).


  • You are eligible for a U.S. student license if you are resident in the U.S. and are a full-time student of a U.S. educational establishment. Your main study subject must be one of the following subjects:
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Building Design
  • Interior Design


  • The student license is valid for a maximum of one year and will be terminated at the end of every calendar year (12:00 EST on 31st December). Renewal must be applied for online via the website, with appropriate proof of valid student status.
  • Act-3D reserves the right to invalidate any individual student license at any moment on suspicion that any of the criteria in the terms and conditions are not being complied with.
  • The student version offers limited functionality compared with the commercial versions of Lumion.