Lumion plugin for REVIT®

Livesync® and collada exporter

Faster Revit Rendering With One Plugin!


The Lumion plugin for Revit includes two features — LiveSync and a Collada (.DAE) exporter. Now, you can view your Revit model in real-time in Lumion, as well as export a Collada (.DAE) file from Revit and load (or reload) it seamlessly into Lumion.


Lumion LiveSync for Revit

Immediately set up a live, real-time visualization between Revit and Lumion. The LiveSync plugin for Revit instantly places your model in Lumion’s lifelike environment, complete with fully featured landscapes, beautiful materials, photorealistic lighting and more. Change your Revit model and these changes appear, instantly, in Lumion.


Live synchronization can help you work faster, such as in the early stages of design when you are making frequent adjustments to your Revit model.

Real-time materials synchronization

Instantly breathe life into your synced Revit or SketchUp model by applying any of Lumion’s 1000+ high-definition materials in the Lumion editor. As you continue to develop the design, you can tweak the materials exactly to your liking and then save your material layouts for future rendering.

Live point-of-view synchronization

LiveSync now enables live point-of-view synchronization. Turn it on and immediately adopt the Revit or SketchUp camera perspective, making your work easier, faster and more enjoyable.



Automatic model imports

When establishing the LiveSync connection, Lumion will automatically import your Revit or SketchUp model. Continue working on and modifying your project even after you turn off LiveSync, and easily save the file as an .LS8 for future rendering or development.



How does it work?

  • You need a Lumion (8.3 and above) license for the new LiveSync
    • Lumion 7.3, 7.5 and 8.0 users will only be able to use the Collada exporter with the latest plugin.
    • Lumion 7.3, 7.5 and 8.0 users can download plugin version 2.03 in the “Old Plugins” section for older versions of LiveSync.
  • Download the Lumion® Plugin for Revit® below.
  • For detailed instructions check out the Tutorials.

LiveSync Tutorials

Collada Exporter

Make your workflow easier by using the Collada exporter to save your Revit model for a smooth and steady import into Lumion. When you change something in Revit, you can instantly update the model in Lumion by saving a new file and clicking the reload button in Lumion.


Revit 2015-2018

Watch LiveSync Tutorials


After installation you can find the plugin in Revit’s default {3D} view. Add-ins tab -> Export To Lumion.

These plugins do not work with Autodesk® Revit® LT versions.

Using Lumion 5.x?

For Revit 2017-2018, use the exporters on the left. For other versions use the following plugins.

Lumion Bridge (v1.5.1) for Revit 2016  + Lumion 5.x

Lumion Bridge (v1.5.1) for Revit 2015 + Lumion 5.x

Lumion Bridge (v1.5.1) for Revit 2014 + Lumion 5.x