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Lumion comes in 2 editions

Lumion Standard has a limited selection of rendering effects and comes with 1/3 of the entire content library.

Available as a:

  • Perpetual License
  • 1-Year Subscription
  • 3-Year Subscription

Lumion Pro is a complete visualization solution and comes with a full content library and rendering effects.

Available as a:

  • Perpetual License
  • 1-Year Subscription
  • 3-Year Subscription

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Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Description Standard version of Lumion with limited library content and features. Professional version of Lumion with all content and features.

License types

Available as a:

  • Perpetual license
  • 1-Year Subscription
  • 3-Year Subscription


Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Scene editor / Tools
•Organize your scene with multiple layers
•Easy model placement
•Intuitive material editing
•Landscape editing and rendering
•Advanced sky and cloud rendering
•Realistic water rendering
•Upgraded OpenStreetMap import
(with height and satellite maps)
Landscape editor / Tools
•Responsive terrain elevation editor
•Custom terrain material sets
•Custom terrain texture import
•Terrain texture paintbrush
•Customizable landscape grasses with scatter objects
(weeds, leaves, stones)
•Custom water planes
•Ocean tool with waves slider, turbidity, color
•Waterfall materials
Movie editor
• Intuitive camera animation editor
• Sun/sky animations
• Add title screens, scene and post-processing effects
• Animation import (move/rotate/scale animations)
• Keyframe-based animation
• Animated effects
Merge project files
for team collaboration
Import & LiveSync
Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro

3D model import:

Collada (.dae)*, SketchUp® (.skp), Autodesk® (.fbx)*, Autodesk® (.dwg), Autodesk® (.dxf), 3DS Max® (.max), 3DS Max® (.3ds), Wavefront (.obj)

LiveSync® compatibility for:

• AutoCAD®
• SketchUp®
• Revit®
• Allplan®
• ArchiCAD®
• Rhino 6® and newer
• Vectorworks®
• BricsCAD®
• Autodesk FormIt®

Image import:
.tga, .dds, .psd, .jpg, .bmp, .png
Material map import:
PBR compliant maps
Video import (.mp4)
Lightmap import:
e.g. from AutoDesk®
3D Studio Max
Custom IES spotlights
2D background sound/music (.wav) ×
Model and material variation options

*Animation import (move/rotate/scale animations)

Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Output image resolution

1280×720 (0.9 Megapixel), 1920×1080 (2.1 Megapixel), 3840×2160 (8.4 Megapixel), 7680×4320 (33.2 Megapixel)

Output formats:
MP4 (AVC codec), JPG, TGA, BMP PNG
Output video resolution 640×360 (480p), 1280×720 (720p), 1920×1080 (1080p), 2560×1440 (1440p), 3840×2160 (4K), Output to image sequence: Max 3840 x 2160px
Output video frame rates:
Output to MyLumion® 360 Panoramas
Output 360 panoramas for the Samsung Gear VR
and Oculus Rift
Additional output maps (depth, normal, specular reflection, lighting, sky alpha, material ID)
Output of sound in MP4
Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Object Library assets 2,229 6,903
•Fine-detail nature
•Plants and trees
•Transport models (cars, buses, boats)
•Exterior models
(street furniture, buildings)
•Interior models (furniture, decoration)
•Animated nature
•Animated 3D people
•Animated animals
(birds, farm animals, pets, fish)
•Animated children
•3D people & animal silhouettes
•3 silhouette options
Material Library assets 1,243 materials 1,357 materials
Various terrain materials
Nature, indoor, outdoor materials
•Customizable 3D grass material × 14
•PureGlass® stock materials × 81
•Fur × 10
•Leaf materials × 9
10 Material types
(Water, Glass, Billboard, Lightmap, etc.)
Custom materials library
Environment & weather
•Real Skies
•42 landscape types
•6 water types
•Customizable weather
(cloud cover, sun position)
•Ocean with waves slider, turbidity,
•Waterfall materials
Water presets 20 20
Surface decals × 142
3D ambient sound × 123 sound effects
Title effect styles 14 basic styles 27 styles
Text-in-3D-Scene ×
Customizable license plates 10 countries (including all U.S. states) 10 countries (including all U.S. states)
Volumetric fire × 8
Lights and utilities 42 44
Spotlights/Omni lights
Area/Line lights ×

* Some vegetation and foliage made with SpeedTree Modeler.

Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Movie & photo effects
Concept: Sketch, Pastel Sketch
Architectural: Photo Matching, Sun Study, 2-Point Perspective, Blueprint, Styrofoam, Orthographic views
Lighting: Real Skies, Sun, Shadow, Reflection, Sky Light, Hyperlight, God Rays, Global Illumination, Volumetric Sunlight
Sky & Weather: Sky and Clouds, Fog, Contrails, Volume Clouds, Wind, Horizon Cloud, Moon, Autumn Colors
Camera: Handheld Camera, Exposure, Depth of Field, Lens Flare, Chromatic Aberrations, Fish Eye, Tilt Shift
Animation: Mass Move, Fade in/out, Advanced Move, Move, Time Warp, Motion Blur, Animate Light Colors
Artistic: Painting, Watercolor, Manga, Cartoon, Oil Painting
Enhancements: Color Correction, Analog Color Lab, Vignette, Bloom, Sharpen, Noise, Selective Saturation, Bleach
Tools/Utilities: Image Overlay, Side By Side 3D Stereo, Sound, Print Poster Enhancer, Layer Visibility, Variation Control, Near Clip Plane, Water, Material Highlight
Special effects
Total number of effects: 104 112
Volumetric fire 0 8
Regular fire 16 16
Smoke 20 20
Dust 5 5
Fog 6 6
Steam 6 6
Falling leaves 3 3
Fountains and “water walls” 48 48
Effects only available
in Lumion Pro
× Speedray reflections

Concept: Outlines

Lighting: Volumetric Light for spotlights and omni lights

Sky & Weather: Aurora Borealis, Precipitation

Animation: Animated Phasing, Titles

Tools/Utilities: Sound

HDRI skies 59 59
in Photo and Video modes
Physically-based rendering
Weathering for materials
Transparency for materials
PureGlass® ×
Foliage for materials ×


Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Languages English (default language), Chinese, Chinese (TW), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish (ES), Turkish, Slovak
Internet connection required
Description Lumion Standard Lumion Pro
Surface decals ×
Volumetric fire ×
Metallic car shader ×
Fine-detail Nature ×
Customizable 3D Grasses ×
Fur ×
Soften hard edges ×
PureGlass® ×
Foliage for materials ×
Area and line lights ×
Content library 2,229 assets 6,903 assets
Animated 3D people and animals, some from AXYZ Design 111 characters 354 characters
Ambient sound effects × 123 sound effects
Volumetric lights effect ×
Animated phasing ×
Rain streaks ×
Aurora Borealis ×
Precipitation ×
Speedray™ Reflections ×
Title Limited title effects 27 title effects
12 built-in fonts
Support for custom fonts
Main movie Sound effect ×
OpenStreetMaps with satellite
and height maps
Merge project files
(for projects with multiple users)
Output to real-time
fly-through via Lumion Viewer

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* Model designs on this page by CMonje, Paul Sovereign, Centric Bamboo and Gorilla Design, Angular Lab, Pixel-Head Studio, TEN OVER STUDIO, and Angello Marques Arquitetura e Design.