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Lumion Livesync for ARCHICAD

with collada(.DAE) exporter

ArchiCAD in the context of the real-world. Model your design in its future environment.

This plugin for ArchiCAD includes two features — LiveSync and a Collada (.DAE) exporter. Now, you can view your ArchiCAD model in real-time in Lumion, as well as export a Collada (.DAE) file from ArchiCAD and load (or reload) it seamlessly into Lumion.

This plugin works for Lumion 6.0 and up. To use the LiveSync feature you need Lumion 8.5 of better. DAE exports are suitable for Lumion 6.0 and up.

DownloAD for ARCHICAD 21

New LiveSync for ArchiCAD in Lumion 8.5


Accelerate your 3D design workflows by modeling your ArchiCAD project while seeing it in Lumion’s real-time, breathtaking environments. The new LiveSync for ArchiCAD plugin lets you instantly establish a live connection for simultaneous modeling and rendering.


By modeling designs in their future environments, you’ll dive into the creative flow of design development. Solve design problems by exploring how your model interacts with real-life elements such as light and shadow. And enhance presentations by making changes to your model on-the-fly and rendering them immediately, beautifully.


Real-time materials synchronization


Feel the rough textures of a weathered brick wall. Take in the aromas of new wood furniture, and remember what it’s like walking barefoot on cold stone tiles in the morning. With LiveSync for ArchiCAD, you can breathe life into the design by applying any of Lumion’s 1000+ high-definition materials to the real-time, synchronized model. As you continue working on the design, you can tweak the material settings exactly to your liking and then save your material layouts for future rendering.


Live point-of-view synchronization


Synchronizing your design and rendering workflow has never been this smooth. When you rotate the view of your building in ArchiCAD, the point-of-view rotates in Lumion. Find that perfect viewing angle, you’ll have the same point-of-view in Lumion. With live point-of-view synchronization, LiveSync in Lumion 8.5 immediately adopts the ArchiCAD camera perspective, helping you work faster and effectively.


Automatic model imports


By starting the LiveSync connection, Lumion automatically imports your ArchiCAD model. Continue working on and modifying your project even after you turn off LiveSync, and easily save the file as an .LS8 for future rendering or development.



Quit ArchiCAD and remove all existing Lumion .apx files from the ArchiCAD Add-Ons folder:


For example: C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ArchiCAD 21\Add-Ons\


Then copy the "Lumion_LiveSync_for_ArchiCAD21_Version.apx" add-on file from the ZIP file to the ArchiCAD Add-Ons folder and start ArchiCAD.


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