Add extra seats

Use your license on multiple computers at the same time

*Pre-order seats for Lumion 10 (coming soon)

Lumion 9.5 seats are no longer available, but you can pre-order seats for Lumion 10 licenses. This applies to:

  • Customers who purchased a new Lumion 9.5 license with the free upgrade to Lumion 10.
  • Customers who pre-ordered an upgrade of their existing license to Lumion 10.
  • When you pre-order your Lumion 10 seats, you will receive Lumion 9.5 seats until Lumion 10 becomes available.

    When Lumion 10 is released, you will automatically receive the upgrade email with a link to your Lumion 10 installer.

    How to find your license key

    When you ordered Lumion, you received a license key in your email. You can use this license key to find the upgrade options that apply to your current license. The title of this email is “Getting Started With Lumion.”

    Location of the licanse key in your email.

    Older versions

    You can only pre-order seats for Lumion 10 licenses. If you have an older version of Lumion (which now includes Lumion 9.5), you have to pre-order a license upgrade to Lumion 10 before you are able to add seats. For more information about upgrading your license and getting additional Lumion 10 seats, please contact us here.


    Any questions? make sure you check the frequently asked questions.